Answers to some Frequently asked Questions

1. What does it mean to “get rated”?

To get rated means you are letting the casino track the amount of gambling you do while you are in the casino.

2. Why should I get rated?

Two words, “Casino Comps”. Casinos give away freebies or comps to their customers. When you get rated you are letting the casino track your rate of play. That helps the casinos gauge your potential worth to them and therefore they will know what to offer you in comps or incentives.

3. How do I get rated?

It’s very easy. First of all, make sure you get a players card when you arrive at the casino. If you travel on one of our group trips we will have them in your welcome/key packet. If you are traveling individually, stop by a players club in the casino and have a card made. Some casinos will make you a card at check-in, so be sure to ask. If you are a table games player, place your card on the table when you sit down to begin play. The pit personnel behind the dealers will take the card and begin the rating process. Slot players should put the card into the slot machines card reader located on each machine. It’s important to make sure the card was inserted properly and the machine has accepted the card. A brief greeting should appear on the display. If not, reinsert the card until it’s accepted. Remember, if you play more than one machine at a time, use a card in each machine. The casino will gladly give you extra cards.

4. What information is the casino collecting during the rating process?

For table players the casino is tracking the amount wagered per hand and the length of time played. By combining average bet, amount of time and the particular game played, the casino calculates your earning potential or theoretical loss. This is the figure they use to determine your comp worth. When playing a machine, the casino’s computer is tracking the amount of money you run through the machine. It tracks the amount of dollars you run through that particular machine. It’s a figure that they call “coin in”. The amount of money run through the machine and the type of machine played will determine your theoretical value to the casino.

5. I frequently see the words “Qualified players fly free”. What does that mean?

That means, if you gamble at a high enough level you are going to qualify for a complimentary seat on one of our plane trips and a room. You may get more based on your level of play.

6. As a qualified player, what am I entitled to?

The entry level qualified players get airfare and a room comped. The higher your level of play the more you are going to qualify for, such as meals, shows, special events, tournaments, golf, limos, etc…

7. How much do I have to play to qualify?

It depends on your anticipated comp level. But to qualify for charter flights, Casinos are looking for table players that play at a minimum $100 average bet for 4-6 hours per day. Slot customers need to generate at least $10000 coin in per day. All these figures are general guidelines and other factors are taken into account.

8. I get offers by mail from the casinos all the time, can Ron Zoby Tours book them for me?

Absolutely, give us the offer codes and we’ll book everything for you and double and triple check to see that your reservation is handled professionally.

9. I’m not comfortable carrying a large amount of cash with me. Is it difficult to set up a credit line?

Its very simple, just download the form provided here, send it to us and we’ll see that you have an available line of credit at the casino of your choice.

10. Why should I book with Ron Zoby Tours?

Very simply, we are full time, full service Independent Casino Representatives. After 30 plus years in business, Ron Zoby Tours has the experience, the destinations, the contacts and the personal dedication that sets us apart from the competition. The casinos pay us but we are actually working for you to insure that your experience is the best possible.

11. How do I get on your VIP mailing list?

Contact us and provide some basic information. We can verify your play and possibly add you to the list. You can receive invitations on our scheduled trips and special events.